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"Technological habitat to promote and improve the teaching, learning and innovation in Professional Training at the University of La Frontera" (HA-TENEA) is an innovation Project, conceived by DIBRI to support the training of professionals in our institution. Its formulation and design considers the changes experienced by the University Libraries, the revolution in the world of information and changes in the field of teaching and learning, adding more areas, better services, and greater informational support for the welfare and benefit of all our users.

  • General Purposes

    Accelerate the transition of the Department of Libraries and Information Resources of University of La Frontera, from a service strongly clung to the administration and provision of information, to one that effectively and efficiently drive help to increase the quality of training of professionals in the institution.

    Narrow the gap between principles and purposes specified in the Policy of Professional Training of our University, and tasks currently assigned to the service.

    From the scope of its competence, turn information services into a strategic agent in the efforts that, in recent years, the University has been pushing for improvement, in student area, levels of learning, adopting skills, employability, retention, and timely certification and, in academic area, curricular innovation, change in teaching methodologies and the increasing incorporation of ICT in pedagogical work.
  • Financing, Implementation and Closing

    The resources provided by the World Bank and brokered by the MOE, involve an investment of about $ 200 million. To ensure the success of the initiative, the DIBRI increase by around 25% this amount in shares and complementary initiatives. HA - TENEA shall be implemented during 2014 and 2015 with a period of post closure including 2018.

  • General Operation Objetive

    Work together with DAP, and its similes for Department, providing information, areas and services based on UFRO pedagogical model.

  • Specific Operational Objectives

    Digitalization of strategic sourcing, optimize use of electronic resources and improve the working conditions of the users.

  • Executive Team and Members

    Name Institution Position Position in the PM
    Roberto Araya N. Director of Libraries and Information Resources Operational Manager
    Cristian Martínez M. Computer Engineer Computer Support
    Lina Truan L. Librarian Collaborator
    Nicole Drouilly Librarian Collaborator
    Cinthia Torres A. DIBRI Chief of Procurement Collaborator

    The executive team also shall incorporate the responsible for UTIC, six Directors of Undergraduate for Department, Director of CIP, and a group of professionals from DAP.

  • What Will Allow The Project

    Multiply by 3 the current provision of electronic devices for the users.

    Adding over 600 m² for new areas of study.

    Increase by 20% the number of work places.

    Incorporate technology to work with 3D resources.

    Design and implement a Digital Library.

    Prepare a specific area for movies and animations with personal 3D viewers.

    Add three simulation rooms with audio and video, to practice thesis defenses, classroom lectures, interviews, etc.

    Add 10 new lodges, with technological equipment including Smart TV, notebook, and tablet.

    Digitizing about 12,000 theses.

    Reframing the Mission and Vision of the DIBRI.

    Contribute to the continuous improvement of quality in professional training.

  • Areas and Most Innovative Equipment